Parents Worship Day
                   - 14th February

            4.5 Million Children Participating Across The Globe So Far.
Friday, August 14, 2020


Lets Celebrate 14th Feb as Parents Worship Day
Lets Celebrate 14th Feb as Parents Worship Day
Parents Worship Day Celebration

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Feb 14, [14|2|2015]

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My life is a debt to my parents that I cannot repay. Only thing I can do is worship them. Let's Celebrate "Parents Worship Day" on this 14 Feb

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Why there is a need to celebrate the Divine Festival

As per a UNICEF report, in 28 developed countries, 1.25 million teenagers becomes pregnant and out of which 500,000 perform abortion and 750,000 become single mothers. As per Candice Foundation, US has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world and 8 out 10 teen fathers do not marry the mother of their child. In US alone 3 million teenage boys and girls get afflicted with Sexually Transmitted diseases.
Just like Fertile soil is the basis of any agricultural Land,Moral Values are the roots of any perfect and healthy Living .Hence, the idea of celebrating Matri Pitri Pujan Diwas will bring Value , regards , esteem to the lives of everyone including Innocent Youths and Kids .Scientifically too, it was proven , blessings of parents work wonders for a child.

  • This special day will surely give rise to enthusiasm and joy in hearts of Parents, Youths as well as in Kids.
  • Parents Worship Day celebration objective of creating a strong character and spirit of serving parents. Begin a social awakening in every home and every human heart by celebrating true love and true valentine in its purest form.
  • Get advice from the lifetime experience of parents and Sadguru.

Know More About Parents Worship Day

How to celebrate?

As we worship our God, in similar way, on Parents Worship Day - 14th Feb

we would worship our parents by applying Tilak, Flowers, circumbalting them and performing their aarti.

Know How to Celebrate VIDEO

My life is a debt to my parents that I cannot repay. Only thing I can do is worship them. Parents Worship Day on 14 Feb

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