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                   - 14th February

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Insulting your father invites Tuberculosis
(Excerpts from Pujya Bapuji’s discourses)
One who disobeys the instructions from parents and spiritual master, he has to suffer the consequences in one or the other birth. Saint Kabir exclaimed this fact:

Just as one who is condescended by Guru is doomed, similarly one guilty of their parents also have to repay the heavy price.
There once lived a bright teenager named Jeetendranath Das Verman in the Faridpur district of Bengal. He was so impoverished by the disease of tuberculosis (T.B.) that all remedies had failed him. Their family Guru exclaimed, “This ailment does not belong to this birth, rather is a result of some sin committed in past births.  You should pray to Lord Tarakeshwar, only he can help you out.”
As per instructions from family Guru, the youngster initiated puja and prayers in the temple of Lord Shri Tarakeshwar. Within a few days, Lord Tarakeshwar appeared in his dreams and said, “You had disobeyed your father in your previous birth and insulted him. As a result, you are now suffering from tuberculosis and all medical therapies are failing you. That same father from your previous birth is now a famous doctor named Shri Satyaranjan Ghosh in Faridpur district. If you can wear an amulet garnered with soil under his feet, seek blessings at his feet everyday and if he offers forgiveness after being pleased by your conduct, only then you shall be alleviated from your suffering. Else there is no other way out.”
The youngster described the dream in detail to his family Guru. Family Guru mentioned, “It is Lord Tarakeshwar’s blessing that you were informed of the whereabouts of your father along with his name. The youngster went to the doctor and explained to him about the dream and said, “You are the father of my previous birth. I had insulted you, disobeyed you which has resulted in my suffering of tuberculosis. Please offer me the opportunity to serve you.”
Once a father from a previous birth, he was now a doctor. He was aware of the fact that tuberculosis is highly contagious. So, he did not agree to the proposal quickly. He said, “You may have been my son in previous birth, but if I allow you to stay with me, what if I catch the same disease? Go home now. I do not know how to assist you at this moment. I will seek guidance from my Gurudev Dhananjay Das Vraja-Videhi through post and then convey to you accordingly.”
Doctor Satyaranjan Ghosh explained everything in a letter to his Gurudev. Gurudev replied, “You wont be free from danger if he stays at your place, also it can be equally risky if he comes to visit you by staying in a nearby place. The best technique will be to provide the teenager with your photograph. Then tell him to   ‘keep it in his home and offer prayers and seek blessings from the feet by imagining the photo to be as the actual father. Whenever the right opportunity arrives, I shall also provide you with the soil from my feet along with blessings of my feet. Be courageous, you will get well soon.’ ”
The doctor then sent a written letter to the teenager as advised by his Gurudev. As recommended in the letter, he sought for the photograph and started offering prayers to it. As he started progressing in the puja, his ailment started diminishing. In time, the doctor who was the father of the teenager in his previous birth also offered the boy with the blessings from his feet and soil from his feet and said, “I forgive you.” The boy was instantly cured. The doctor carried out a check-up and found that his lungs did not have any trace of disorder. The boy stayed back for a day and took the blessings from the doctor’s feet as well as soil from doctor’s feet, and returned back to his home. Hence, one must never behave in a manner which can cause grief to your parents. But one who treads a path towards achieving God does not bear that sin.
 Our saints have proclaimed our mother-father as Gods:
One more thing, my father while on his last bed i.e. before leaving this world, folded his hands and pleaded to my mother, “If I have ever used harsh-unworthy words, raised my hand on you, then it will be better if you can forgive me for your sins, else I shall have to suffer again. I shall have to return again in some birth to suffer your harsh words or beatings.”
My mother said: “okay, even if I have committed any mistakes, please forgive me.”
Father said: “yes- yes, I forgive you.”
Even you should die with this maturity of intellect. But you may not remember this during your death, so once in a year, practice the habit of forgiving one-another. Husband-wife, brothers, friends should all cleanse out their deeds so that one does not have to return to the bondage of action.
  The consequences of Karma are very profound.
Upon death, neither wealth will follow you nor your influence in the society, nor any relations. Only religion shall follow you, your good deeds will go with you and your supreme soul will follow. Desist from crores of duties and engage in satsanga for the pleasure and blessings of soul, take refuge under Guru.