Parents Worship Day
                   - 14th February

            4.5 Million Children Participating Across The Globe So Far.
Monday, September 21, 2020


"Never Forget Your Parents"

You may forget all else, but never do forget your parents;
They have done you countless good turns; forget this not.

They worshipped many a stone-idol, to bring you to this world;
Don’t be stone –hearted to crush their loving heart ever.

They reared you by feeding, while themselves remaining hungry.

They nurtured you with nectar; don’t return it with venomous words.
They pampered you catering to every whim and fancy of yours.

It is now your turn to fulfill their expectations; don’t forget this.
You may be earning crores; but that isn’t greater than your parents.

If you don’t serve them your money is worth nothing; have no pride.
If you want to be served by your children, do serve your parents.

Mind you, it is the eternal law – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.
She slept on the bed wetted by you, giving you the drier side.

Never wet the mother’s nectarine eyes with tears of grief.
They spread flowers on your path wherever you went.

Don’t become a thorn in their eyes or on their path.
Money can be earned, but can the parents be ever regained?

Always remain devoted to the pious feet of your parents.