Parents Worship Day
                   - 14th February

            4.5 Million Children Participating Across The Globe So Far.
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C.T. Ravi
Secretary of Higher studies and South KannadZilla
…. 27-02-2012
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Date : 08 -02- 2013

Sub: Regarding celebrating “Bhavnaman” (Parents Worship Day) program.


Indian culture has always highly regarded respect towards parents as an essential, uplifting value in one’s life. However, nowadays a steady decline is noticable amongst young children and teenagers. To counter this, every year on the14th February all colleges of the state are ordered by the government to initiate “Bhavnaman” programs that aim to rekindle that lost sense of respect towards parents. This is attempted through personality development, musical shows, essay writings, etc.  It is to be stressed that it is the responsibility of the staff/ management of the college to ensure that the program is a success.

The order is directed towards university heads and college professors to provide students with below respective directives.

•    Sentences from Upanishads for “MatruDevoBhavahPitruDevoBhavah”
•    Family ties strengthen by respecting the parents.
•    A mother bears all pains for upbringing her children.
•    A father bears all pains for upbringing his children and strives to arrange for highest level of study for his child’s future
•    It is not possible to repay the debt of sacrifice by the parents.
•    Keep your parents well and do not send them in old age homes. Keep them within your family.
•    A son may be ill mannered and deceptive but a mother can never be that as per ancient folklore
•    There goes a saying “There is no friend like mother and there is no taste like salt “
•    With these topics on the day of Bhavnaman arrange dedicated programs for the parents to show gratitude, thank them, give respects and dedication responsibly guided by college professors following guidelines of Indian culture and to be implemented by all state colleges, semi government colleges, Engg. Colleges, Poly-technique colleges, B.Edcollege and all higher education institutions as by order.

Government Secretary
Higher Education Zone